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Hook & Fade is a warm and inviting micro-social golf simulator destination where you can relax in comfort equal to your own living room, enjoy elevated hospitality, and take as many swings as you like (or even zero)
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Avoid the roughs with smooth drinks or, if you prefer, ones with bite


An escape upon the green, with unparallelled attentive service


You can experience courses from around the world that few others have set foot on

Good conversations, Good Beverages, Good Friends


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Discover an activity that is approachable and achievable for all. We'll put you into play, with your friends, and keep you on course. Book here, and swing away!
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Main Programs

Main Programs

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Hook & Fade


Individuals need a chance to disconnect, while having the opportunity to connect with friends. The stylish, comfortable destination of Hook & Fade gives adults a place to rediscover friends and themselves while enjoying craft cocktails, fine wines or craft beer — plus, each room features the latest golf simulator technology to test your hand at the game, without walking for miles on a hot, sticky course.

Smartly nestled in The Pressman building, we are steps away from the Capitol, Park Hotel, Tornado Room, and Wonderstate Coffee.

No worries about parking as we are just above the largest garage on the Square.

113 S Hamilton St, Madison, WI 53703
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Hook & Fade provides an elite experience without any pretension, heavy commitment, or stressful interactions. For a few hours friends can connect with each other and escape to a comfortable world centered around them...with a selection of quality beverages always available.

Click here to reserve your tee time now
Click here to reserve your tee time now
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